ISHAK PAŞA SARAYI – a famous Ishak Pasha Palace, located 5 km from Doğubeyazit. The palace is situated in beautiful mountain, hill and rock scenery. It was built in XVII century by a Kurdish prince, Ishak Pasha. Close to it there is a mosque dating back to Ottoman times. There are many old ruins around it, e.g. ruins of a cemetery or an old chapel. They indicate that a long time ago the city was located here. A beautiful view of the neighbourhood, where you can go for a walk, spreads from the palace hill. You can also see the ruins of Urartian fortress from here.

THE TOMB OF AHMED HANI is located near the Ishak Pasha Palace. Ahmed Hani - Ehmede Xani - is a Kurdish writer – the author of a tragic love story “Mem ü Zȋn”. The first Kurdish film FILM was based on this story.

THE ARMENIAN CEMETERY IN ARZEP – a village located a few kilometres from Dogubayazit towards Igdir. What interesting is there? A forgotten Armenian cemetery (so far we have not come across a note about it in any guide book). In the middle of the village we will see scattered Armenian graves – stones with crosses carved on them. If we get to know something more about them we will write. Not far from the village we will findsprings of “healthy” mountain water

SAINT CROSS CHURCH ON AKDAMAR ISLAND - Akdamar island is one of a few islands on Lake Van, on which there is an old Armenian Saint Cross church, dating back to X century. You may get to the island by one of the ferries moored in a small port in the town of Gevas. The one who climbs a small hill on the island will have a beautiful view of it. The trip to the island and a swim in Lake Van is a brilliant supplement to trekking on Ararat.

ÇARPANAK ISLAND – the second of the islands on Lake Van, on which there is also an old church. There are not regular ferry crossings to it, but you can order such a crossing. The church on the island has not been renovated like on Akdamar island and now it is really squalid. But let’s wait a few years….

SAINT THOMAS CHURCH – it is located on a small peninsula on Lake Van, on a small hill near the village of Altinsac. To get there, you need to turn right from the main road (going from Van to Tatvan) and go along the beautiful shore of Lake Van. After about 15 km on the left side we will see a hill and a picturesquely located church on it. Unfortunately, it is in a miserable condition and there is not much to see. However, the view from the hill together with the church and with the lake in the background is unforgettable.

THE VAN FORTRESS – (Van Kalesi)- the fortress in the city of Van located at Lake Van. It is the remains of the ancient kingdom of Urartu, which existed from IX to VII century B.C. and had a big influence on events in eastern Anantolia. In those times the city itself was the capital of kingdom of Urartu, was called Tuşpa, and the stone fortress protected the capital against invaders. It is the biggest remains from those times. Later, the fortress belonged to different nations such as: Armenian, Roman, Medes, Achaemenid, Sassanid, Arab, Seljuq, Ottoman and Russian.

THE RUINS OF ANI – Ani became the capital of Armenia in X century. It was the most wonderful Armenian city called the city of a thousand and one churches. The city developed the most in XI century. Then, it was robbed by Turkish people, and next in XIV the earthquake destroyed it. In spite of the fact that it was reconstructed, it is still in ruins. Few churches maintained their shape. The renovation of the particular churches started in 2012. The other churches (some are just foundations or one wall) are: Good Shepherd’s Church , King Gagik’s Church of St Gregory, Georgian Church, Zoroastrian fire temple, the Church of Holy Apostles, the Church of St Gregory of the Abughamrents, the Church of Holy Redeemer (only the northern half), the Cathedral, the Church of St Gregory of Tigran Honents, St Virgin Hripsime’s Chapel, the citadel’s walls, the Palace Church, St John’s Church and Smbat’s city walls

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