NOAH'S ARK NATIONAL PARK – created in the place where, as it is presumed, there are traces of and even some remains of Noah's ark discovered in 1985. In the vicinity of the "traces" of Noah's Ark, there is a small museum set up in which we can find photos documenting the search for the Ark.

МЕТЕОRITE CRATER (Meteor Çukuru) - the second largest meteorite crater in the world. Situated between Doğubeyazıt and the border with Iran, it was created in 1892 by a falling meteorite. It is 60 m deep and has 35 m in diameter.

ICE CAVE (Buz Mağarası) - the cave is located near Doğubeyazıt (about 1 hour drive). On the way there, you can see from a distance the Büyük Ağrı and Küçük Ağrı. Then you get to the place where you can see a big "hole", which will take you to the cave. When you enter the cave, you can see only piles of larger and smaller stones. Only after you have gone 20-30 meters down will you see the unusual ice "bubbles" which look as if they were growing from the stones. They are of different sizes – from small, not bigger than the palm of your hand, to as big as human head. You need to take a good flashlight and a warm sweater when you go to the cave – in comparison to the temperature outside, the cave is quite cold.

FISH LAKE (Balık Gölü) - the lake famous for its large number of big fish. It is slightly hidden and it still hasn't been discovered by many tourists, which is a pity as it is situated in the beautiful scenery of fields and hills. On the horizon you can see the great mountain of Ararat with its peak covered with snow all year round. You can go swimming and fishing in the lake. It is the place where you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding views.

HOT SPRINGS (DIYADIN) - a village in eastern Anatolia between the towns of Ağrı and Doğubeyazıt. In Diyadin there are hot springs. The water flows from the land. It’s good for your health and body. In Diyadin there are special pools where you can swim. The sources are located in the beautiful scenery of rocks. When we look down, we see the slowly flowing river. The general impression of this place is really positive.

LAKE VAN (Van Gölü) – a salty lake in eastern Turkey located on Armenian Highland.It is the biggest and the deepest lake in Turkey. It was created after the eruption of Nemrut Dagi by lava outpouring. The water of the lake contains “detergent” thanks to which you may do the washing without washing powder :) Lake Van is inhabited by one species of fish.

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