9 days - Code: A-SUP9

n 2018 Mount Ararat is closed for tours because of political reasons. Welcome to our Damavand Tours.

Mount SÜPHAN DAGI i AGRI DAGI Expedition

Is for all who want to acclimatize before climbing Ararat (5137 metres above sea level) and at the same time to climb the second highest mountain in Turkey – the volcano Suphan Dagi (4058 metres above sea level). The whole expedition with going up the two mountains lasts 9 days. Trekking itself on Suphan and Ararat lasts 6 days, and together with a reserve day, trips and transfer 9 days. During this expedition we offer the following services: the permission to climb Arart, a local mountain guide for both mountains, the transfer from and to the airport in Van, the transfer from Dogubeyazit to the foot of Ararat and back, hotels in Dogubeyazit in double rooms, meals during trekking, luggage transport on horses, equipment: a tent, climbing irons, sticks, foam mattresses, a trip in the surroundings (Ishak Pasha Palace, going through Kurdish villages. Noah’s Ark Park, a meteorite crater).


1. day – meeting on the aeroport in Agri and the transfer to the foot of Suphan Dagi; the night at the height of 2500 metres above sea level
2. day – the reveille at 1 a.m., trekking to the top of Suphan Dagi – around 7-8 hours. Going down to the lake Aygir around 5-6 hours; the night in tents
3.day – the transfer to Dogubeyazit, the Muradiye waterfalls; the night in a hotel
4.day – after breakfast in the hotel at about 8-9 the group leaves to reach the foot of Ararat – 2100 metres above sea level; trekking to the first camp – 3350 metres above sea level, about 4-5 hours, the night in tents
5.day – trekking to the second camp – 4100 metres above sea level –about 4-5 hours, the night in tents
6.day – at about 2 a.m. we leave the camp for the top – 5137 metres above sea level. Going to the top takes about 5-9 hours; after climbing the top we go down to the second camp, and next we go down to the first camp, the night in tents
7.day – we go down to the minibus; in the afternoon a trip around places of interest in the surroundings Ishak Pasha Sarayi, Noah’s Ark Park, a meteorite crater; accommodation in a hotel
8.day – a reserve day in case of bad weather on Ararat
9.day – drive to the aeroport in Agri

We send more information (price, services, a detailed programme of the expedition) about the expedition by email. You can write traditionally by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., also through the FORM. As the title please write the code – A-SUP9.

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