The Islamic Republic of Iran (formerly called Persia) - a country in the Middle East, situated at the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. The capital city is Tehran. Known cities are Isfahan, Shiraz, Qom, Mashad and many others. The highest mountains in Iran are the volcano Damavand – 5610 metres above sea level., Alam Kuh - 4848 metres above sea level in the Alborz Mountains and the volcano Sabalan – 4811 metres above sea level. It is not a popular country among tourists, yet travelling around Iran is an unforgettable pleasure and experience. In Iran you will find a lot of monuments coming from one of the oldest cultures of the world – Persian. Apart from monuments Iran offers the beauty of its landscapes: high mountains, deep caves, the biggest “lake” in the world, hot springs and many other wonderful places. In addition, Iranian people are particularly hospitable. You must go there. We invite you to expeditions on Damavand 2013. We organize trekking on Damavand and Sabalan as well as cultural and sightseeing trips. It will be an unforgettable adventure.

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DAMAVAND in Iran (8 days)
Code: DAM8

The expedition is for all who want to climb the highest mountain in the Middle East. Damavand is an extinct volcano that is 5610 metres above sea level high and lies in Iran. The expedition may (but it doesn’t have to!) lasts 8 including the most convenient journey, too; so a 5-day leave is enough to climb Damavand! The dates, the programme>>>



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