Our team is the Saltik family, typical Kurdish mountaineers who have lived in the mountain area – the Ararat slopes for many generations. Currently on the Ararat slopes in the summer you may meet four generations of the family, starting with Eyüpa Saltik, Ahmet Saltik and his brothers, next the generation of present guides, Ahmet and his brothers’ sons, and finishing with countless number of Eyüp Saltik’s great-grandchildren. We have  our own transport, horses and guides, so we are independent. Our prices are low because we do not cooperate with local trekking agencies that hire horses, cars or guides as we have it all. We act directly.

Asia Saltik


Joanna Saltik  -the owner of the company who has a passion for travelling, a bicycle maniac, a mountain climber, the one who deals with the company’s formalities, finance, marketing and  PR. She speaks Polish, Russian, English, German and a little bit Turkish :) Musa’s wife.





Ahmet Saltik -  the head of the family, senior. He will organise everything in Dogubayazit :) He will decide who is a guide today and who will transport a group to Ararat.



Kubi Saltik


Kubi Saltik – the oldest among the brothers. A mountain guide. You will go with him not only on Ararat but he will also show you the beautiful Kackar Mountains, which are situated  near the Black Sea coast.



Nuri Saltik


Nuri Saltik – a perfect driver for whom there isn’t a mountain road to go on. He brilliantly drives a car  on uncomfortable mountains roads. He has been a mountain guide for  a dozen or so years.  As a few-year-old boy hiked in the mountains with his granddad with tourists and he “knows every stone” on Ararat. He will also lead you up on Suphan Dagi and Little Ararat.



Musa Saltik


Musa Saltik – our company’s logo :), a mountain guide, he organizes everything there in Turkey. A long time ago he was a mountain shepherd who knew every path, even this invisible, on Ararat. A mountain climber with a GPS in his head instead of a map, a lover of Polish mountains, although he isn’t keen on Babia Góra :) You will talk to him in Kurdish, Turkish, Russian and Polish. Joanna’s husband.



Ali Saltik


Ali Saltik – the  next of the brothers. A strong mountain guide devoted to tourists whom, in case it is necessary, he will take on his back and carry up to the top. He will also lead you on difficult slopes of Suphan Dagi but he certainly won’t lead you astray.





Yakup Saltik – the youngest of Saltik brothers. A mountain guide. He has got a few-year mountain experience on Ararat. He is not afraid of winter conditions. Before he became a guide he had travelled the paths on Ararat with baggage horses.






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