Mount Ararat in Turkey  Mount Ararat in Turkey  Mount Ararat in Turkey  Mount Ararat in Turkey

Welcome on the webpage of the company ARARATTREK. We create a small but dynamic family company. In our  offer you will find trekking on Ararat (5137 metres above sea level), Suphan Dagi (4058 metres above sea level), Kackar Dagi (3931 metres above sea level), Erciyes Dagi (3916 metres above sea level) and Damavand (5604 metres above sea level). Apart from trekking expeditions we organize cultural and sightseeing trips. During these trips we will take you to places that are rarely  (or never) mentioned in guide books. In each of the countries we will meet local people, drink tea in their houses and we will go to a neighbours’ wedding. A Kurd will be a guide in eastern Turkey (Kurdistan), an Iranian man - in Iran. Our groups are small, and the amount of time spent on sightseeing depends on a group’s willingness. We invite you cordially to our trips and expeditions. You will spend unforgettable moments on them.
We invite you to expeditions in 2018 season – you will find more details in the bookmark “The offer of expeditions”. We are waiting for you, you will not let us down.

 Joanna i Musa Saltik -

 Mount Ararat in Turkey  Mount Ararat in Turkey

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